050 The Final Podcast


In our final “Parenting on Empty” podcast, we both talk about our “Top Ten” parenting things to remember.  Thanks for listening to our podcast over the past three years!

Tamara’s Top Ten List:

  1. Talk until you’re blue in the face.
  2. You are not responsible for your children’s end choices.
  3. Never measure success by how you are doing today.
  4. Failure happens.  Learn and rebuild.
  5. Define your terms for yourself and your kids (they can’t read minds.)
  6. Find ways to celebrate together.
  7. emotionally invest in relationships outside of your children.
  8. Love wins.
  9. Actively look for your kid’s talents.
  10. Rest in the sovereignty of God.

David’s Top Ten List:

  1. Talk less listen more.
  2. Find the humor.
  3. Seek out adventure.
  4. Keep parenting a priority.
  5. Be humble.  Apologize.
  6. Be the example.
  7. Say I love you.
  8. Creativity takes effort.  Make the effort.
  9. Win the parenting war, but be willing to loose battles along the way.
  10. Ask for help.  You need it.

047 – The Puppy


The McGinnis household has a new puppy!  With the addition of a new puppy (that the kids begged and begged for) comes many opportunities to talk about responsibilities, patiences, tolerance and all kinds of stuff like that.

A great book every dog owner should have: “Be The Pack Leader” by Cesar Millan

Here is a great article on Cesar Milan’s web site called: Puppy 101: The ultimate guide to raising a puppy

Here’s a picture of the new puppy.


042 Tax Free Parenting


Is it possible to parent without being taxed?  Most likely not.  While parenting is very rewarding, it’s also a stressful job.  David and Tamara talk about some of the things they find taxing about parenting and what they personally do to minimize the stress.  What taxes you as a parent?  Please leave a comment and perhaps tell us how you deal with the stress.  Thank you for listening.

Here is the YouTube link for this episode:

041 Parenting On Empty – Long Haul Parenting


David and Tamara talk about having the “long haul” mind set when it comes to parenting.  They talk about problems they have encountered when they being short sighted and “parenting in the moment.” Give us your thoughts as it relates to functioning with the BIG PICTURE in mind.  Thanks for listening in.