039 Parenting On Empty – Seeing Your Children


David and Tamara talk about being deliberate in their parenting by taking the time to truly see their children for who they are and learning more about their desires and ambitions.

You can watch this Podcast on YouTube!  Here is the link: https://youtu.be/KbyCHoH8h9M

038 Parenting On Empty – Classic Parenting


The writer Susan Sontag gave birth to her son, David Rieff, in 1952. After his mother died in 2004, David found this still-relevant list of parenting tips, written when he was seven, in one of her journals.  David and Tamara discuss those tips and how relevant they are in 2015.

1. Be consistent.

2. Don’t speak about him to others (e.g., tell funny things) in his presence.

3. Don’t praise him for something I wouldn’t always accept as good.

4. Don’t reprimand him harshly for something he’s been allowed to do.

5. Daily routine: eating, homework, bath, teeth, room, story, bed.

6. Don’t allow him to monopolize me when I am with other people.

7. Always speak well of his pop (no faces, sighs, impatience, etc.).

8. Do not discourage childish fantasies.

9. Make him aware that the grown-up world is none of his business.

10. Don’t assume that what I don’t like to do (bath, hair wash), he won’t like either.

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034 Parenting On Empty – Challenge Five


David and Tamara throw down the challenge to read a book for the month of May.  Read any good books lately?  Read one to your children!  You can be creative in the process, and that’s what this podcast is about.

Book Ideas:

  • Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis
  • Elephant & Piggie books, Mo Willems
  • Children’s Bible Stories
  • The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien


032 Parenting On Empty – Challenge Four


David and Tamara throw down another parenting challenge!  Challenge four is to share the work load.  How do you assign each child a regular chore and still keep everyone happy?  Is it possible?


031 Parenting On Empty – Challenge Three


David and Tamara throw down another parenting challenge!  Challenge three is to share a family meal together every day for a month.   David and Tamara talk about the value of family meals together and some of the benefits associated with doing that.